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How To Use Dual Whatsapp Account In One Android Phone?

Whatsapp is mostly used messenger in the world. If you do a survey you will be surprised to see almost all people having Whatsapp In their smartphone. Well, New smartphones come with Dual SIM and then we have 2 SIMs instead of 1. But Whatsapp allows you to use only 1 WhatsApp account in one smartphone. Well, I have a trick, with the help of this trick you can easily able to use 2 Whatsapp account that is Dual Whatsapp.

Get 100% working dual whatsapp apk to use double whatsapp account in your mobile. Today we are sharing the working tricks to run 2 whatsapp account in 1 phone include ogwhatsapp trick 2017. As we all know people are finding ways to use multiple whatsapp account in 2 sim mobile. we are today introducing the multiple tricks for multiple whatsapp account. There are many applications available on the internet for dual whatsapp but most of are fake. Here we have introduced some of the best tricks which is 100% working.
People wander all around searching for Multiple access to WhatsApp Accounts, and land up to pages asking them to fill in surveys and end up without getting any success to Run Dual WhatsApp in 2017 with 100% guaranteed working. But Why do we need Multiple WhatsApp Account Access on same Android Smartphone! Today a person has various roles to play in when coming to Office and When at home, and in order to lead a peaceful life, one needs to cope up with different environments and as a result we need two or more different spaces to live our life which clearly answers as to why do we need Multiple or 2 Whatsapp account on Same Android Phone.

There are lots of trick available on the internet that claims its working. But most of them are fake or not working. Here our team have found and made some of the best working dual whatsapp apk. These whatsapp tricks are 100% working and you will be sure to use double whatsapp account in your android mobile.

Run 2 Whatsapp Accounts in One Android Phone

Method-1 Parallel Space – Use Multiple Accounts

Parallel space can be used to have 2 whatsapp account in one phone. It is the android based application can be used to have anything in multiple. Like you can even use multiple instagram account or multiple facebook account or anything. Almost all android application are supported. It is powerful yet stable android application.

How To Use Parallel Space For Two Whatsapp Account?

• First download parallel space application from below download section.

• Open the parallel space application and click on + icon

Parallel Space For Run Two Whatsapp

• Select whatsapp icon from the list.

Install Dual WhatsApp 2017

• Enter the secondary number and verify it in this new whatsapp
• That’s it. You have now two whatsapp account in your mobile. One is official and second is in the parallel space.

Download Parallel Space

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Method 2: GBWhatsapp Use 2 WhatsApp Account in One Android

• At First Download GBWhatsapp

• Now Just Install GBWhatsapp  app in your Phone which you have downloaded from Above Step.

GBWhatsapp Use Multiple WhatsApp in one Android

• After Install GBWhatsapp  app Open It, & Enter your Mobile Number in it, which you want to use as secondary whatsapp account. (First one you are already using in original Whatsapp)

2 whatsapp in one phone download

• After it, it will send otp code into your Mobile Phone, & it will automatically verify it in some seconds like normal whatsapp, no need to worry about it.

• Now after successfully verification, you are running 2 whatsapp accounts in your single android mobile phone. So try out this method will surely work for you if you wants to use 2 Whatsapp accounts in one android phone.

Features Of GBWhatsapp 

• No Root Needed
• No Absolute Error like Og Whatsapp
• Calling Feature Preactivated
• Material Design
• Hide Last Seen like Whatsapp Plus
• Copy Messages without Date & Time (No Bug like Normal Whatsapp)
• Custom Icons
• No Ban Issues like Whatsapp Plus
• Calling feature enabled – No Need to Worry About calling Feature
• Updated design with bug fixes – Fully Stable. All things & features working.
• Latest mod – Including With All new features of WhatsApp

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Method 3: Use 2 Lines for Whazzap

This is the other popular way to use multiple WhatsApp or dual Whatsapp accounts on the single Android phone. So you can also try this method. This method only works with Rooted Android devices. If you are not a rooted mobile use then check this link to know how you can root your android mobile without pc. You can use multiple whatsapp account upto 10 with this 2 lines for whatsapp. One disadvantage of this method is that it will not give you real time notification. For that you can try our other methods.

Features Of 2 Lines for Whazzap

• Very easy to use
• Use multiple whatsapp account upto 10
• Quickly switch between accounts
• It is perfect app for dual sim mobile
• You can backup full account history with data

How To Use 2 Lines for Whazzap?

• Now open 2 lines of whazzap in your android mobile
• Give super su permission to the app & click on add new line for whatsapp
• Just add your mobile number there and use multiple whtsapp account for free

Method 4: Run multiple whatsapp accounts using Disa app

Disa App is absolutely free to download and use in android phone. As we all know there are lots of mods available to run dual whatsapp which is totally banned by Whatsapp. So here this disa app is absolutely free and working. Let’s move on to steps to install Disa app in your android phone using Disa app now.

• First of all, download and Install Disa app from this link.
• Once, Disa app is installed, click on Open button now.
• Click on + icon and Select Whatsapp.
• Enter your second number now and Verify it using any call or message verification method.

Enjoy dual whatsapp service by using Disa app now.

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That’s all !. You are done with the two (dual) WhatsApp accounts in one Android device. If any issues are raised during the installation, let us know in your comments below. If this method is successful for you and using without any issues then comment below. Let us know how many of you are using this method without any issues. If this method is working for you then share with your friends who are in search and let your friends try this method. If you want more cool stuff then you can subscribe to our Daily mailing list or you can like our facebook page to get updated. Thank you all !!


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