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How to Remove Pattern lock Without Losing Data

If you have locked out of the Android phone with pattern or Pin code, then simply follow below tutorial for how to break pattern lock on android phones without Losing Data. This is my full guide for how to unlock pattern lock in android without losing data. These are some of the things which i have seen from many people who are using mainly Android operating system mobile phones. When you didn't remember the pattern lock, or when you want to know about how to unlock a locked phone, the description of that smartphone is ultimately required. So, In this assignment, we are going to share the trick to unlock android pattern without loosing any data.

This lock system is basically to protect our personal data from getting leaked or visible to other people. Also, in a case where your phone is stolen or lost, locks always help in protecting your phones. Now with the constant usage of phones and other accounts where passwords are needed, we at times forget the password that we have applied to lock our phones. This thing has become quite common lately. In a rush, when we want to start our mobile phones, we ignore the secure we have set. Well, now there is nothing to worry about. Here, I have explained few techniques especially for android users by which they can unlock their phones easily even if they have forgotten their lock. 

Dont factory reset your device when you have this type of problem, i have checked my device by doing this how to unlock pattern lock and then am writing this post. I found this in the youtube and followed the steps. Now the thing you have to do is simple follow the step by step process for Android pattern unlock or Android password unlock. This article will be helpful to the users who are checking to unlock a device for free. Now a days unlocking a device is simple but the cost to it is really on high peaks, to get rid from all those we are providing the trick to unlock a mobile without losing its data. This is applicable for all the smartphones when you have forgot pattern lock, in this there is no way to lose the mobile data or memory card data. I will tell you about how to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset step by step in this Tutorial. You just need a PC for unlock pattern lock. And driver installed on your PC. The perfect method to unlock pattern lock and password android device without losing data from the device. Follow the below given steps to bypass android pattern lock without losing data.

Tips to Remove Pattern lock Without Loss Data

Remove Pattern lock Without Losing Data 100% Working

Step 1. Download and install Android SDK Tools from here. It is important to run ADB commands.

Remove Pattern lock Without Losing Data Hack

Step 2. Now select platform according to you download and install it.

Step 3. After installing open it, uncheck the other packages and check Android SDK Platform-tools and then click on install packages according to the image given below.

How to Unlock Password or Pattern on Android

Step 4.  Important thing is that your android mobile should have USB debugging enabled. If its not then this trick will not work on that device.

Note:  The process will not be helpful if you don’t have specific and compatible drivers for your phone. So you should be very careful While installing your device compatible drivers.

Procedure To Unlock Android Password Without Losing Data

Step 1. Connect your locked android mobile device with your pc or computer or laptop via USB.

Step 2. Open folder where you installed Android SDK Tools Users > App Data > Local > Android > Android-SDK > Platform-Tools and then click on blank space hold shift and click right mouse button and select open command window here.

Reset Password or Unlock Pattern on Android

Step 3. It will open you command window now you have to put some commands in the command window: To check whether your device is properly connected or not put command:-

adb devices
Step 4. Now put these commands:

adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;
If above commands don’t works put:

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key
Step 5. Once you done you have to reboot your android phone. Now it’s all done.

Note: USB Debugging should be enabled before locked and it is the must. But If it is not enabled then you cannot proceed further steps.

After rebooting your device, you will see the pattern lock impaired. So it was the complete guide for unlock pattern lock of any Android smartphone without losing data. So try it and you will also get success. This method is 100% Genuine and working and tested by me. In this way, you will favorably unlock your Android Pattern, pin or password without formatting or losing any data. If you face any problem feel free to discuss in below comments otherwise send the email via the contact us page.


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