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How to Fast Root Android Phone Without PC?

Rooting android device has become so popular now a days that most of the android smartphone users are looking forward to root their device and are also searching on the internet on “how to root android without PC“. Its just because rooting gives you more new functions in comparison to the non-rooted devices. And also after rooting your smart phone you get the ability to customize your device the way you want. Most of us have heard about the Android rooting smartphones. Even if the answer is negative or positive, it won’t matter, because by the time you finish reading this article, you would get well versed with android rooting and the methods to root android without pc.

Most of the users don’t have Computer or PC. Well, if you also don’t have computer or PC and still you want to Root your mobile then you can easily do it with the help of some methods. By the Way, Rooting Android operating system cellphone without a pc is quite simple, in some mobile phones you should just click only one key then all perform will be done by an app. Well this post is for those people who want to know the easiest way on how to root android without PC. By the end of this post you will be able to root your smartphone easily with no worries. Before you go to root your android device, you must know about android rooting, what it does, what are the advantages and disadvantages of android rooting. I hope, it will help you to understand better about rooting an Android.

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How to Root Android Mobile Without PC

What is Android Rooting?

Android is an open source mobile OS where you won’t be having full root access to your phone when you buy it. But, after rooting, you can perform various functions on your android smartphone. Rooting is the process which allows you to cross all limitations and attain privileged control (i.e. Root Access) over that smartphone, tablets and other devices running operating Android working system cellular os. Now this rooting would help one to get access to the root of the OS and even provide the basic ability to create global changes. There are various methods available to root your android devices easily. But here we have shared some of the best new working methods.

Advantages of Android Rooting

One of the biggest advantages of rooting your android device is having free and abundant internal memory. Yes! Individuals often struggle with low internal memory, but by rooting their phone, they can transfer any apps from the internal memory to the SD card.

Increase Phone’s Performance with Over-Clock CPU & It will increase the Overall performance of your Mobile Phone & Boost performance while playing games or Multi Tasking.

The most powerful and attractive benefit to root without pc is the ability to customise ROM. There are thousands of custom and qualitative ROM which can help in doing various things right from speeding up the processing ability of your smartphone to modifying the entire options, looks and feel of the phone.

Biggest benefit of your Android phone is that you can Flash custom ROM like Cyanogen or AOSP ROM etc... which will increase Android version of your Phone & Definitely will increase performance & Get new features in your Old Mobile Phone. So this root android without PC will be very useful for you.

There are many interesting apps are available only for the rooted android phone which will not work on an unrooted android phone. Actually, that applications needs main having access to your android operating system for full performing. So, you can enjoy those applications just by rooting your android operating system. You can make it simpler by backing up your full android apps, data, settings and everything. If you aren’t rooted, you can backup apps and data but you can’t backup system apps, data etc as you can do with a rooted phone.

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Disadvantage of Android Rooting

Rooting is an Illegal Process. So It will void your Mobile Warranty. But if you unroot your android, then it will be back on its Warranty. But before performing any task you need to checkout the whole procedure below.

After you root android without PC, you’ll not be able to update your android mobile phone to the latest updates via Company. Because Company doesn’t Provide Latest Software up-dates to rooted phone users. But after rooting your android operating system, you can able to update your device via flash only some All mobile phone’s roms are available in xda websites. So This is Big Disadvantage for your rooted phone.

No matter how much expert or best you are in using the best tutorial in rooting, there is no doubt that it is simply just a daunting task. So, in case if you pass out any step or flash the corrupt zip file, then you could end up with a broken or bricked smartphone.

If your Mobile phone is rooted, then your phone will not be able to run some of the apps. Unfortunately, rooting is a process, in which you can change system values. So some apps think your device as fraud & they are not able to run their apps on your mobile phone. This is the reason why some people don’t want to root their android phone.

How to Root your Android smartphone without computer 2017

The Methods by which you can root your android phone without PC 2017. Almost every android phones can be rooted using Framaroot. The app is basically a universal one click rooting method for Android devices. Hundreds of Android devices have been tested successfully from some of the most popular manufacturers so it is likely that the app will work with most Android can get success in rooting your android without PC for sure. 

Step 1: First of all download and install the Framaroot app to your smartphone. Download Framaroot apk

Step 2: After downloading, install the app on the device. Here you need to select the ‘Install Superuser’ option which is present in the Framaroot.

root android mobile through Framaroot application

Step 3: Then you can select an exploit which would appear in the applications. You need to try choosing different options from the list, in order to root your Android device successfully.

Step 4: Now If you see a “Success  … Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device” message then you have successfully rooted your phone. (If you see “Failed … Try another exploit if available”  message then try selecting another exploit.)

Framaroot complete root your smartphone fast

Step 5: After rebooting, Your Android Phone is Successfully Rooted by Framaroot without using PC.

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How to Check Your Android Phone Is Rooted Or Not?

Step 1: There are too many apps which will show that your Android smartphone is rooted or not. You can find all those apps on Play Store. However, there is a very popular app which shows that your smartphone is rooted or not.

Step 2: Download Root Checker App from Play Store and install it.

Step 3: Once installed, launch the app and simply tap on the “Verify Root” button. It detects whether your phone has root access or not.

android Root Checker App root or not

So, it was all about how you can root your android phone without PC or Computer. In this post, we have listed root a android phone without computer easily. All of these are completely free to use. Note that we are not responsible for any damage caused to your phone or it's data. 

Hope you all enjoyed the article. Still if you face any problems feel free to leave a comment below. Bookmark page we’ll update about root android without computer on regular basis. Well, you can share it with your friends, if you want more tutorial like this then you can request on our contact us page, or you can subscribe to our future mailing list.


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